Hotel Meierhof


When you stay at our property, we want you to feel even more relaxed than you feel at home.

At our four-star Hotel Meierhof on Lake Zurich, you can count on feeling happy and contented from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. To this end, we attend to all the important things. And since everything is included when you stay with us, we will be serving you in accordance with our motto «All-in au lac» ('Everything's included at the lake'). We're sure you'll be enraptured by our loving attention to detail.

With us, all the surprises will be positive. Starting with the heart-warming hospitality to a fantastic view over the lake, from the dedicated service to the stylish rooms, from the incomparably cosy pillows to the modern seminar infrastructure, from an upbeat «good morning» to a no less cheery «good night».

You will pay only the expected price and nothing more. No unanticipated fees or hidden charges will suddenly get added to the bill ― once again, «All-in au lac»  says it all. One thing is for certain: we conceived and designed Hotel Meierhof to be the same type of down-to-earth, good quality hotel we look for when we go travelling ourselves.

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